First Time Here?

Welcome. This blog fosters slowing down, being more reflective, and learning about family life, schooling, health, and community. I embrace ambiguity, I’m skeptical of a lot of conventional wisdom, and often get things wrong.

I tend to post twice weekly.

The readership is a hodgepodge of educators, fitness enthusiasts, and ordinary people slowing down, being more reflective, and thinking together about what makes life most meaningful.

The ten most popular posts of the last twelve months as of April 2014 provide a little flavor flav of what’s to come.

1) What Engineers Get Wrong

2) School Mission Statements

3) Education Story of the Year: Jon Kitna Returns to Lincoln High School

4) Can Grit Be Taught?

5) The Problem with the Simple Living Movement

6) When Parents are Too Child-Centered

7) Why I Don’t Own a Cell Phone

8) Costco’s Smoke and Mirrors

9) Is Online Learning a Good or Bad Thing?

10) Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden


4 thoughts on “First Time Here?

  1. Hello Ron, I am ill off work at the moment and it’s given me moment to look at other education blogs on WordPress. Having looked at about thirty I’ve found one that I can relate to: yours! I hope you will have a look at my blog to. All the best. PS Jenny Collins is a pseudonym. I am male not female!

  2. Yup, Ron, first time *here*. I was lead to your blog by a Tweet via @happier. I was invited to join and explore by a friend, whose invite I opened this morning. Because the Tweet had the link to your “Happy” post, I’d have to say I’m “genetically inclined/programmed/geared” to be happy. Thank goodness. I laugh as often as I can, love sharing the laughter and, even though living sometimes gives gut punches and Spirit slams, I staunchly refer myself as a realistic optimist, I will always see the glass half full.

    I look forward to learning more about you, your writings and all, Ron. Enjoy this day you make/are given.


    ~ Jessan

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