Fitness Friday—6/12


6/1 M T W R F SA SU Total


    1,800         1,800


  55 20.7       


  60solo a.m.       


17.7 2,188’


  20   135


walked—sore calf from swim   8.5   6.35   5 20


Swim—Lazy, lowest weekly total of the year.  My excuse is I’m a bit burnt from 6k of open water racing. Not terribly convincing, but I’m sticking with it.  W’s swim was in Ward Lake with the wife. Nice, inaugural, short, wetsuit free swim of the year. 

Cycling—Solid T/R rides, but Saturday’s was disappointing. I had planned to do 35 for a weekly total of 150, but it was raining, and after fixing a flat, decided to return to base. Got buzzed in Cap Forest R morning. Remote setting, totally alone, passed by a van that decided to cross over the bike lane line right in front of me. I thought he could have very easily driven me into the side of the road and left me for dead. A little later got chased by a dog in Delphi Heights. I wasn’t feeling much snap in my legs on the ride until that point. Turns out, all I need to accelerate quickly is a snarling speeding dog.

Run—Sunday’s 5 miler was fast and fun in Eugene before the Pre-Classic track meet. Three youngsters and seven-eight grizzled veterans. For some mysterious reason, the grizzled veterans tried to keep up with the youngsters. That didn’t last long. Destination was Pre’s Rock, a commemorative rock on the top of a roadside hill where Steve Prefontaine died in a car accident in the mid-70’s. Steep climb! Then we hit some great single track that apparently stretches for 20 miles. I could have lived in Eugene for a year and probably never have found the trails we were on.

Lake swimming is to lap swimming as trail running is to street running as outdoor cycling is to indoor spinning.

On the left, the world recorder holder. On the right, the author trying to hang.

On the left, the world record holder. On the right, yours truly trying to hang. (photo credit: T)

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