Fitness Friday—July 31st

7/20 M Yak T Yak W Pasco R Pasco F SA SU Total
S               x √-
C     15i   52 900’ 

18.3 glide

    67 √-


6.3 49:11

6.7 53 


2 6   10+ hills, trails, lake   31 √

S: First zero of the year. Combination of limited pool access while on the road and laziness. I’m reminded of the old Chris Farley SNL skits. I suck!

C: Also, sucky. Friday’s “chick ride” (5 women, 2 other men) was nice. I kept thinking it was going to ramp up once we left the bike trail, but it never did. I accidentally went off the front once, but then played nice the rest of the ride. So refreshing to ride “steady” for a change instead of the usual race team nonstop “mod-hard/hard” mix.

R: Basic week. Dano and I called a hilly run on Saturday and the team scrambled. . . Las Vegas, Eugene, I’m watching the Tour de France. Sad really. All we can do I suppose is lead by example.

Grade for the week: D+

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