Fitness Friday—August 14th

8/3 M T W R F SA SU Total


  2,500   2,500 




      5,000 √



no Garmin



no Garmin




143 √


  6+   rested 10.7   23 √ 


Don’t you think, given the increasing intensity of the Cutter Battle Royale (CBR), I should probably curtail FF until after race day, September 12th? Why let Lance know what he’s up against? Right now, kid you not, Lance is hanging with two ex-presidents of the U.S. in Kennebunkport, Maine. Between cycling and fishing expeditions, I suspect he’s firing up his Crackberry to keep tabs on the old man. If this favorite feature of yours goes dark sometime soon, you’ll know why.

S: Gradually building. I should probably swim three days a week, but I should probably floss every day too. Two days works pretty well. I maintain a decent attitude and probably swim 90% as well as if I doubled my volume. I dislike my work commute, but it’s much more tolerable after a good swim. It also helps to suckle the nectar of the gods, 24 ounces of half dairygold chocolate milk mixed with half skim during the drive. I feel pretty good shortly after a good run or bike ride, but I feel great after a solid swim workout. Times are still off a bit. 2-4 seconds/100.

C: The Garmin broke during RAMROD when I hit a rumble strip and it popped off the bracket. I looped back and found it, but it was scratched to hell and wouldn’t take a charge. I’m getting it replaced and it should arrive any day. The T/R team training rides were both very hard efforts. Consequently, it would have been very easy to have bagged W’s run. Sunday’s 38 miler was a relatively easy small group effort. Lance was going long on Mount Saint Helens, so I definitely lost ground despite a solid week. Felt good, not great.

R: Lying in bed W morn, I thought Lance is probably running right now so I gutted it out. Friday though, I listened to my body which said, “Alert. Fatigued. Danger Zone. Take the morning off. In fact take the whole day off.” I obeyed my body. It was nice to have Double S back in the fold on Saturday’s 10-miler. He blamed his new yellow lab puppy for his poor attendance lately. Sad really, blaming a cute, defenseless animal for his lack of commitment to the team. Trails, hills, Ward Lake finish. Notice I left the time off. Don’t want to scare Lance. Bahahahahaha.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday—August 14th

  1. Who is whose head now? 9.25 miles on Mon (hills and speedwork), Swim on Tue morn, 58 mile club ride on Tue eve (Summit Lake-2,961′ of climbing). And I can’t wait for this morn’s run!

    Enjoy your vacation.

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