Fitness Friday—8/21

8/10 M T W R F SA SU to AG Total


  3,100 14:45 1k 



third IM



15:21 1k


      6,000 √


  49 hills 

el gato



30 Paradise 



    112 √


6.75   6.25 47     10.2 1:18   23 √

S: Build continues, but will probably stall on vacation next week. Nothing spectacular, just two standard sessions. Swimming alone, so not pushing quite as hard. Meanwhile Lance deserves props for swimming in a small hotel pool. The guy is training with a little more focus than one would expect from a Washington Husky.

C: Fell of twice T near the top of two climbs and got back on both times thanks to assists from a couple of people. Feel good, but not sure why I’m not climbing a bit better. Friday’s climb up Mount Rainier was supposed to be a 75-80 mile effort with considerable elevation, but it was socked in. Foggy, high 40’s at the top, and wet. Not a good combo. Two different rides. The climb up was great. I went hard, set the pace for large parts, and finished second by 30 meters. I was definitely on the edge, pouring sweat despite temps in the 40’s. The descent was miserable. I was cold and because I sweated through my base layer, the additional two didn’t help as much as normal. Plus, since we were riding through clouds, I couldn’t see out of my glasses, my gloves were soaked through, and I was shivering so badly I was wobbling pretty bad. Add in the occasional car and some sketchy pavement and I simply endured the return journey. Strange working so hard to build up all that elevation and then not getting to cash it in. All in all, not enough mileage, but really excellent quality, thus the √.

R: Basic week. Appreciate Dano pushing the pace a bit. In my post-Black Hills victory speech I have to remember to thank him for helping me hold Lance off. Here’s an excerpt from today’s dialogue. Dano is 52, I’m 47. Me, “In five years I don’t think I’ll be running this fast, pause, but then again, you won’t either.” Dano, “Right, I’ll be faster!”

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