Week that Was—9/14-9/20

9/14 M T W R F SA SU Total
S 3,000

1k 15:38

2 500’s 7:24

600 kick/drill


1:40’s on 2

100 c.d.


1k 15:32

2 500’s 7:24

300 kick/drill


1:40’s on 2

200 c.d

C 41 team 63 nice 104 √
R 7.5 57:30 6.8 54 10.3 1:20:33 24.5 √

S: Basic week. Nothing spectacular unless you count the comment made by a woman I shared a lane with who said my butterfly looked great. Wait, was she hitting on me?

C: Feel good right now. Should have entered the Vuelta after all. Again nothing spectacular, but a respectable late summer/early fall week. Line of the week, from Lance as he went around me, “BYRNES, YOU”RE BLOCKING AGAIN!” And that was before the Huskies beat the Trojans. Now he’ll be completely insufferable.

R: Routine week. Detect a pattern? Beautiful morning running in mid-September in the Pacific Northwest. Mid-50’s, mostly clear, perfect.

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