Week that Was—9/21-9/27

9/21 M T W R F SA SU Total
S 3,000

1k p/b 15:07


500 7:37


100,2×50,4×25 100cd


1k p/b, 300k/d,



on 1:45

C 40

1,087’ 19.6

20 19.2 517′ 60
R 6.7

track 6:33, 4:46, 3:10

7.2 56:56 10.2 1:22 24

S—Sluggish start to R morn, salavage workout at PLU.

C—Didn’t capitalize on beautiful weekend even though the 10 day forecast is bad. Essay grading wasn’t the problem, procrastinating was. Flipped between golf and Mad Men when I should have been grading. Went hard for 1:02 on Su night to salavage day, weekend, week.

R—First “track” workout in a while. Lance once again shattered the field with just over a mile left on Sa. Should have saved it for Stanford.

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