Friday Assorted Links

1. The universal phenomenon of men interrupting women.

From the comments:

“. . . I got into a taxi the other night with my husband. I knew the directions and address better than him, so I gave the taxi driver the instructions. He did not reply to me, but then said, “should I take the tunnel or the bridge, sir?” I was shocked. He would only speak to my husband. When I complained later to my husband, he said he was an older guy from a traditional culture, that that was what he believed. My husband–whom I consider to be enlightened and egalitarian– did not notice the slight until I pointed it out. That one word “sir” rendered me and my words invisible and “put me in my place.” In the middle of “cosmopolitan” Manhattan. It made me think society is becoming more–not less–patriarchal. . .”

2. Just 5% of Americans account for 50% of all U.S. medical spending.

3. Why I’m giving my children their inheritance now.

“They are pretty levelheaded young people.”

That’s an understatement as attested to by this:

“They have each parked the money in low-cost, diversified index funds.”

And this:

“You are giving us part of our inheritance now. Time value of money, and all that. Cool. Your grandson thanks you for helping to pay his college tuition.”

4. Canada to teach computer coding starting in kindergarten. Not from The Onion. What’s next, resume writing in first grade, internships in second?

5. Alison, the most important question of our time?

Strong closing:

“The Hive is there in solidarity.”

6. If not, this may be, “Is $9,000 too much for a gravel bike?

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