Friday Assorted Links

1. How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries. Despressing as shit. Here’s hoping the Parkland FL students and their peers can inspire the rest of us to defeat the NRA and join the civilized, sane portion of the world, that doesn’t mutter nonsense about an “armed militia”. And consider this if you think a takeover of the government is possible.

2. Silicon Valley’s most recent attempt to reinvent schooling. . . in Australia.

“’I was kind of impressed with the number of clichés and buzzwords that they packed into a short amount of marketing copy,’ said Audrey Watters, whose blog, Hack Education, analyzes the intersection of education and tech. ‘In the case of Luminaria, they have everything, they have all the buzzwords: social and emotional learning, mind-sets, grit, S.T.E.M., mindfulness, authentic learning, global consciousness. I mean, pick two of those.’”

3. Damn the Harvey Weinstein effect.

4. I believe quality of life is improving, but this makes me wonder if my privilege is blinding me.

5. Somewhat related. From someone I’m proud to call a friend.

6. On your and my lack of self-awareness.

“Sixteen rigorous studies of thousands of people at work have shown that people’s coworkers are better than they are at recognizing how their personality will affect their job performance. As a social scientist, if I want to get a read on your personality, I could ask you to fill out a survey on how stable, dependable, friendly, outgoing, and curious you are. But I would be much better off asking your coworkers to rate you on those same traits: They’re often more than twice as accurate. They can see things that you can’t or won’t—and these studies reveal that whatever you know about yourself that your coworkers don’t is basically irrelevant to your job performance.”

I believe self-awareness is among the most significant variables in a leader’s success. Put differently, failed leaders often display a shocking lack of self awareness. Interesting throughout.

7. Grade inflation is alive and well.

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