The Teacher Evaluation Maelstrom

The power brokers? Bill and Melinda. Who knew that when we were buying Microsoft Office (for the Mac of course) every three to five years we were ceding mad educational influence to the Lake Washington power couple. Given their Foundation’s … Continue reading

Seniority-based Teacher Layoffs

Thanks T for this article, “UW study questions seniority-based teacher layoffs“. Should school districts facing serious budget shortfalls lay teachers off based on relative seniority? Tough one. Rather than riff on the costs and benefits of seniority-based teacher layoffs, I … Continue reading

“Rip Your Hair Out” Pressure

That’s a Los Angeles, California Harvard-Westlake high schooler describing her Advanced Placement heavy course load. HW is L.A.’s preeminent private high school. A recent article in the LA Times described it as a place “. . . where some families view … Continue reading

What Explains Differences in Student Achievement?

Researchers commonly associate family income with student achievement. However, a contrarian, Harvard’s Paul Peterson, argues teacher quality, school accountability, and school choice have bigger causal impacts than family income. Peterson’s analysis challenges the Broader, Bolder Approach (BBA) to educational reform that has … Continue reading