Ron Byrnes



• Husband, father

• Teacher education professor, writing instructor

• An early job may have been my best, teacher assistant for Marilyn Turner, an amazing third grade teacher, at the Brentwood Science Magnet School in Brentwood, CA

• History bachelors, Secondary social studies credential, MED, PhD in Curriculum Leadership, cognate in International Studies

• Taught at four different Los Angeles public high schools and the International Community School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

• Curriculum writer, essayist

• Lived, worked, studied in Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, China, and Norway. My personal commitment to pluralism and inclusion, guarded views of nationalism and materialism, belief in the equality and dignity of the entire world’s people, my cross-cultural sensibilities, and my commitment to global citizenship are all traceable to those pivotal experiences.

• Skeptic, irreverent

• Swimmer, cyclist, runner

3 thoughts on “Ron Byrnes

  1. Thanks for liking my post. I am new to blogging and am just trying to learn the ropes before I make my big return trip to Europe this summer. I like your blog and your topics.

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