Tuesday’s Images

A friend invited me to the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene on a beautiful June day. Old rickety Hayward Field had a rich history, but the plush new seats and ample leg room in the brand new stadium make me more amenable to gentrification. 


Bonus pic. Gentrification with environmentalism on top. I threw Rosa in the car and rode to and from the shuttle lot. Is there a nicer four word phrase than “Free Valet Bike Parking”?  

Paragraph To Ponder

You can suffer from marriage burnout and parent burnout and pandemic burnout partly because, although burnout is supposed to be mainly about working too much, people now talk about all sorts of things that aren’t work as if they were: you have to work on your marriage, work in your garden, work out, work harder raising your kids, work on your relationship with God (‘Are You at Risk for Christian Burnout?’ One Web site asks. You’ll know you are if you’re driving yourself too hard to become an ‘an excellent Christian.’) Even getting a massage is ‘bodywork’.

Jill Lepore, It’s Just Too Much, The New Yorker, 5/24/21

Daily Photograph Week

A quintessential Pacific Northwest phenomenon. I drive side-by-side with these bad boys almost daily. This batch is headed somewhere on the Pacific Rim via Olympia’s port. Extra points for the observant for detecting another quintessential Pacific Northwest phenomenon in the background.