Where To Put Your Money Now

Provocative title, huh. Just wish I had thought of it. I’ve been wanting to write on the financial crisis, but I’m still in shock and haven’t figured out where or how to start.

So I’m going to pass the baton by recommending Mark Cuban’s most recent post. Just what he needs I’m sure, more readers. For those with limited sports literacy, Cuban is the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Since you probably don’t have any debt, pass the link on to someone that does. Jeez, when is some big time blogger going to throw me a bone? 

Normally I don’t like people as cocky as Cuban, but his passion and ordinary guy sensibility seem to compensate. He knows technology and his success story is interesting. In short, if he decides to sign me to a 10-day contract, and I happen to be between academic terms, I’ll play for him.

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