More Design Genius

Life-changing leak proofness

Leak-proof goodness

Genius genius

Genius genius

Eclectic, not girly

Eclectic, not girly

Behold more 21st century genius design work. There should be a Nobel Prize for Consumer Genius for the Camelback employees (no way an individual could have come up with something this brilliant by him/herself unless it was Obama) that came up with the new leak proof top. To borrow from Chinese history, this bottle top represents a great leap forward. Only bummer of course is you can’t use the fancy new tops on your old bottles. I purposely toss these new and improved bottles in my gym bag upside down just to revel in the fact that they’re leakproof. A few years ago I discovered shortly before arriving at the base of Mount Saint Helen’s that a water bottle had leaked all over my cycling clothing. I held my shorts and jersey out the window for the last few miles in a vain effort to blow dry them. Lovely starting out soggy. Now, I laugh at the memory thanks to the¬†Camelback geniuses (0r Obama).

Of course you’re used to Apple’s genius by now, but how cool is it that they have algorithms that create excellent playlists all by themselves. My personal mobile Pandora. The second pic of my nano is probably too small to pick up on the featured artists–Sara McLachlan, Maroon 5, and Natalie Merchant. I don’t understand why my sister says I like girly music? :) My fourth genius playlist is much more macho sis, lots of Led Zep.

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