What gives with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of US Rowing/Facebook/Social Network movie fame?

A federal appeals court has declined to review a legal challenge from the Winklevii who claim that Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook.

The Winklevii on Monday lost their bid for a rehearing of a 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that upheld the $65-million settlement they reached with Facebook in 2008. But, and I kid you not, they’re not deterred, they’re going to ask the Supreme Court to hear their case. I wonder, when they lose a rowing race, do they just say “the hell with it” and keep rowing, rowing, rowing, in the same way I once, as a pipsqueak playing flag football legend in my own mind, ran WELL beyond the endzone on a double reverse?

The original settlement was in two-parts, $20m in cash, and the rest in Facebook shares, valued at the time at $45m. If they had learned patience at Harvard, sat on their shares, and tried somehow to live off the $20m in cash, their Facebook holdings would be worth $200m today.

They claim their steady stream of appeals are about principles, not money. The Winklevii get my vote for the 2011 least credible claim and most out-of-touch twin brothers award.

And does anybody think these dudes would be any happier with hundreds of million of dolares instead of tens of million?

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