“A Baby In A Suit”

Mitch Albom, “Hey, President Donald Trump, her name is Gretchen Whitmer”. Props to DB for another assist.

“You’re familiar with the New Testament passage about, ‘When I was a child, I spoke as a child … but when I became a man, I put away childish things’?

Time’s up, Mr. President.”

And Albom wonders:

“How does any of this nonsense belong in press briefings about the biggest national health crisis in a century? How does tweeting out “I love Michigan, one of the reasons we’re doing such a GREAT job for them” — as if when Donald Trump loves you, then he’ll do a great job for you. Isn’t his responsibility to do a great job for everybody? In every state? Regardless of their governors?

All this petty nonsense should be gone at a time of national crisis. Yet, incredibly, it’s there. And we accept it. Why? Because three years is too long to rail against something that won’t change.

Let’s be honest. We have come to tolerate an infantile person in a grown man’s job, a baby in a suit.”

For a writer, what’s the equivalent of a “mic drop”, a keyboard drop?

Let’s not forget, Michigan is a swing state; thus proving, Borowitz is right.

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