1 thought on “Rush Limbaugh Dead At 70

  1. Anti-Limbaugh posters are saying (hoping) he must be somewhere in Dante’s Inferno’s political section. I, however, wonder whether his spirit or consciousness may now finally be 100 percent free of the purely cerebrally based agitation and contempt that may have blighted much of his life. Therefore, he may be wondering, ‘Why was I so angry, so much of the time? Oh, God, the things I said!… I really hope I didn’t do too much damage while I was there.’ …

    Sometimes I’d come upon Rush’s radio talk show (nationalized and heavily advertisement laden) as he was giving his morning political sermon, mostly on the atrocities being committed against Trump and his presidency. The ideas he’d go on about were bewildering.

    I’d often wonder how he got himself to say some of the absurdities (to me, at least) he’d preach: irately paranoid political theories plentifully interspersed with business promotions big and small, as though straight out of a capitalist manifesto, the pages of which I think I could actually hear him shuffling.

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