Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes

Understands privilege way better than most. Yuan-Innes is a part-time emergency room doc in Canada and one of six people The New York Times interviewed about this year’s stock market correction.

Yuan-Innes isn’t sweating the downturn. “If we need more money,” she explains, “we would just earn more money — I would rather not do that, so it’s sad, but it’s certainly not as hard as people who are getting paid minimum wage.”

She adds:

“I recognize my privilege in having parents and grandparents who worked extremely hard before me. Lots of financial independence types will tell you they’re entirely self-made, unaware of advantages they’ve gained from their white privilege, gender, middle-class status, education, government, or their relatives’ sacrifices.”

“We’re lucky we have enough money coming in to cover what’s going out.”

Being mindful of one’s privilege and one’s luck go hand-in-hand.

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