The Greatest Country In the World

Neglected interstate bridges seek billions in infrastructure funds.

“Much of the nation’s transportation infrastructure is in need of rehab or replacement, and bridges are a top concern. An annual infrastructure report card by the American Society of Civil Engineers last year calculated the nation’s bridge repair backlog at $125 billion with 46,000 U.S. bridges in poor condition.”

And in the Upper Left Hand Corner. . .

“Officials in Oregon and Washington have been working together since 2019 on a revived Interstate (Columbia River) Bridge replacement plan, after a previous effort failed in 2013. Cost estimates have ballooned from $3.4 billion almost a decade ago to closer to $5 billion today.”

Inertia-inspired inflation makes it harder to work through the backlog.

1 thought on “The Greatest Country In the World

  1. The previous effort was killed by the Republicans in the Washington state Senate. The citizens of Washington and Oregon have them to thank and will be paying higher tolls for many more years as a result.

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