Marie Gluesenkamp Perez For The Win

Update. “The House Race That Shows Why Republicans Collapsed in the Midterms“.

“Kent’s weaknesses don’t take away from Gluesenkamp Perez’s accomplishment. She seems to have been the perfect Democrat to win the district. She has a bit of the magic John Fetterman dust many in her party will soon be seeking: She’s young (in her mid-30s) and owns an auto-body shop with her husband. She ran in large part on abortion rights, but is also a gun owner who opposes an assault-weapons ban.

Soon she’ll be a U.S. representative, too. That profile probably wouldn’t have been enough to unseat Herrera Beutler, but voters turned out to be so repulsed by MAGA candidates who question elections and pal around with racists that they were willing to give a chance to the right alternative. Democrats alone couldn’t flip seats like Washington’s Third, but with the help of Trump and the most extreme primary voters in the area, they were finally able to make it happen.”

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