You, Joseph Murray, Are No Winston Churchill

I took a course called “The Speeches of Winston Churchill” in college. It was great, especially since the prof was retiring and asked us what grades we wanted. Not wanting to be too greedy, I vaguely remember writing “B+” on a small index card.

Fast forward to George Santos, the young, newly elected Republican from a mostly blue district in New York. Yesterday the New York Times did a devastating piece on him. Not devastating as in mean and vindictive, devastating as in every single thing Santos claims to be true about himself is (allegedly) made up. He’s the Anna Delvey of Congress. I just hope the Netflix special is a little tighter.

Santos’s genius attorney decided the best way out of all the lying was to double down and lie more bigly.

That quote lacks Churchill’s eloquence, humor, and specificity. Did Murray use the prototype Chat GPX to come up with it?

I wonder who or what has inspired all the lying?

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