There’s A Lot of Bullshit To Go Around

There I was, spinning furiously down Lemon Rd NE in brilliant, balmy (low 50’s) sunshine. Listening to this author talk about her book on a podcast.

I like the way Dunlap talked about the patriarchy as not anti-men as much as anti-gender conforming. I liked her related insight too—that the patriarchy harms men as much as it does women.

But she really lost me when she said that unlike women, men are always talking about money, “at the golf course, at the whiskey bar”. Here’s a direct quote, “They’re (men) talking openly and honestly about money in ways that women are not.” Hahaha. LOL. Stop, you’re killing me!

Makes me wonder how many men Dunlap knows. My friends and I NEVER talk about money. I don’t know how much they make, how much they’ve saved, how they invest, what they worry about financially. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Note to Dunlap—money may be the last great taboo.

Then Dunlap said girls are criticized for spending too much money on frivolous things. Another direct zinger, “And for girls the very things that are deemed frivolous are always lattes, manicures, and purses, but not NFL season tickets or golf clubs.”

I’m wondering if she had a bad experience on a golf course.

Dunlap started out so well, subtle, nuanced, insightful, but then dove head first into, borrowing from her title, bullshit stereotypes.

It was enough to make me stop mid-Lemon Road and switch to Spotify. It takes A LOT to get me to stop mid-workout. And Dunlap is A LOT (at times).

4 thoughts on “There’s A Lot of Bullshit To Go Around

  1. Well the estranged “‘boon” always talked about $. But you’re right the rest of us, rarely if ever, talk about $.

  2. Why do people refer to men in the monolith and tell us not to lump other groups of people, e.g., by gender, country, ethnicity, or geography, as coming from a single perspective? No only do I not talk about money (it’s disrespectful), I don’t remember the last time I was at a golf course or whiskey bar.

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