Is Feinstein the Canary in the Presidential Coal Mine?

From the New York Times:

“Many Americans say they do not want President Biden to run for re-election, and his age is a big reason. In an NBC News poll released last weekend, 70 percent of adults said Mr. Biden, who is 80, should not run again. Asked if age was a factor, 69 percent of them said yes. Other recent surveys detect a similar lack of enthusiasm, with many voters — including around half of Democrats — calling him too old to seek the White House again.”

Historians will look very favorably on Biden’s first term. I appreciate every single way he’s the complete opposite of the previous President.

But count me among the aforementioned 70%, 69%, and the “around half” group of voters. For one reason. Diane Feinstein.

I can’t criticize California’s voters for electing an octogenarian and then do the same thing. Especially in one’s 80s, as Feinstein demonstrates, mental and physical health can go south very, very quickly. Why take that risk when we don’t have to?

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