Gender Head Fake

Truth in advertising. This is a “Plus” post that doesn’t have anything to do with education.

I was introduced to a website recently that analyzes blogs and then determines whether the author is male or female. Although I’m skeptical of the method, I couldn’t resist playing along. The verdict? “We are 57% sure that the author of ‘Education Plus’ is male. In general, ‘Education Plus’ is a ‘gender neutral’ blog.”

When I shared that info with the fam, J suggested I write more about “football and beer.” Instead, she will be disappointed that what I reveal here may single handedly erode the 7% male margin.

One of my favorite spots in the world is my bathtub.

My favorite times to soak are after Saturday morning winter runs, but some nights I imbibe before bed. Yes, TMI, but now that the water is out of the spigot, I have to provide the details. The water has to be HOT, not warm. I almost always read and on Saturdays I listen to CarTalk. Our house backs up to beautiful woods that have been saved by the recession. Talk about silver linings. From the tub, I have a killer view of a majestic 70′ tall pine. That tree means a lot to me.

Today, I alternated between reading the newspaper and watching snow fall against the pine. The last time we had this much snow. . . 1955.

I find the tub the perfect place to shave my legs. Just kidding, I fibbed on that to throw the gender website developers for a loop. And after the water drains, time permitting, I paint my toenails. Again, just playin’ with the web geniuses. 

Truthfully, I find the tub the perfect place to warm up, freshen up, relax, read, and think. While showering, the best I can do is three and a half or four of five.

Before you join J in thinking I’m too girly, you should know that Churchill took a nightly bath. While soaking, he dictated speeches to a series of stenographers from about 11p.m. to 3 or 4a.m. Yeah, that Churchill, the one who said “F” you to Hitler, chained smoked cigars, and beat back the Third Reich. Nothing girly about Churchill.

Churchill wouldn’t want me to appease the women in my house and surrender the tub. 

Rest assured Sir Winston, I will not appease them and I will not surrender the tub.

Manly by association.

4 thoughts on “Gender Head Fake

  1. I like the tub too. Recently I’ve discovered the sauna at the downtown Y. I like the downtown Y because it reminds me of the old Pontiac MI YMCA where I learned to swim.

  2. Okay, now I get, Ron. You seem to have an identity crisis. This whole bath revelation is a bit disturbing and waayyy TMI!

    Anyway, back to my point about education/schooling/lifestyle curriculum or whatever you call it and fitness. I checked your last 20 fitness posts and your last 20 education posts. 25 comments on fitness and 24 comments on education. Your readers have spoken. Now it is your turn to get over this identity crisis and figure out if you are 57% fitness-minded or 57% education-minded.

    P.S. Nice touch with the snowflakes.
    P.S.2 I didn’t count the gender posts.

  3. I shared those details to provide cover for Dean and others to come out of the tub. You need to spend some time in Japan. And way to spin the fitness stats. Here are the year’s top rated posts in order: 1) Choosing a College 1; 2) Mad as Hell; 3) Student-centered Education Reform; 4) Two Types of Self Esteem; 5) First Obama Presidential Scandal; 6) General Education Redesign; and 7) Dear John. You know there are numerous triathlete bloggers out there. I enjoy reading their stuff, but only to a point. They tend to read like diaries. I’m interested in the story behind the numbers and issues related to health and happiness more than just how to go faster.

  4. There is NOTHING more boring than talking to an amateur athlete at a party. The story behing the story is indeed interesting, but most of the time all these folks can talk about is themselves. Keep up the blog diversity. Dean

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