Fitness Friday, 6/19

6/8 M T W R F SA SU Total





TESC scm

      6,900 √






mtb w/ L

80 √-



  6.2 7:46avg   6.2 hilly 10.5 in 1:20   33 √+

Notice the upgrade, the self assessment checks, sophisticated stuff. Fitness-wise, the week started well, then spiraled down due to a Thursday night work commitment and weekend sinus infection. Fortunately, the sinuses are clearing and my normal superhuman strength is slowly returning.

Swimming. T’s early morning solo lake swim was nice. Just as I got into a respectable semi-meditative rhythm near the middle of the lake I felt stuff hitting my face which was freaky deaky. I stopped, looked around, and realized I was surrounded by a film of leaves from shedding cottonwoods. I adjusted and got into clear water shortly afterwards. I do “laps” between two docks that are about 600 yards apart. Thursdays swim was short course meters with the masters team at Evergreen College at 5:30a. There were a couple of high school speedsters too. Told my daughter I was the slowest guy in the pool to which she replied, “Well, you got beat by a 75 year old.” Point well taken smart ass. I like the coach and the vibe. The one other male and I had the lockerroom to ourselves, reminded me of my Norway pool. I asked the coach, a former All American, if there was any hope for me and he confirmed what another coach had told me, I’m crossing over and need to work on pulling straight down and back. 

Cycling. Worse week of the summer. I need to pick it up if I hope to hang with the Valley boys who probably average 250m/week. Tuesday’s ride was great. Hilly and hard. I was strong on the first climb and hung on for three-fourths of the ride. When I finally got flicked off the back, I didn’t mind the slow solo return to town via Harrison. Sunday’s ride with L to Woodard Bay via the Chehalis was a nice change of pace, figuratively and literally. I felt badly when L said, “The only time I get to workout with you is when you’re injured or sick.” Because she rides a heavy hybrid and we were flying along at 13mph, she got tired on the homeward stretch which finally inspired her to learn to draft. I pulled her home. Purist will criticize me for counting the “family” miles, but the week was so thin I don’t have a choice.

Running. Solid. M morn I added on in the woods after dropping the boys off. Don’t know how I got Saturday morning’s run in when I was getting sicker by the hour. Superhuman toughness probably. The right wing nut jobs had excused absences, so the run was unusually peaceful.

Oh, and how should I convert all the bark shoveling I did on Friday into swimming, cycling, or running units?

One footnote to the week. I was considering doing an Olympic triathlon in Portland on Sunday but bagged it due to the sinus infection. As it turns out, my niece, an OSUBeaver, had a breakout race and won her age group going away. I MAY have been able to match her time. Maybe we’ll tangle later in the summer. If all goes as planned, she’ll cry UNCLE when I pass her near the end of the run.

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