Seattle Half Race Prep

A Sunday after Thanksgiving tradition. Run 13.1 miles around and through Seattle for time. GREAT course and a fun race.

I haven’t really been training for it apart from the regular 3 runs, 25 miles/week routine. However, I did throw in a little speed work a few weeks ago and have added a fourth run once or twice and did do 35 miles two weeks ago.

On the other hand, my training partners have been pushing me and I’ve been feeling good as a result of their prodding. One person though has not been helping. This is the person that does the family grocery shopping. This dastardly person has been bringing these circles of caloric goodness home from the hippy food co-op. Can you read the fine print? 1 pound. The FGSer advises cutting the PBOCC cookie into four parts to which I say hell-to-the-no. Let’s just say my normal defenses have been laid to waste by these babies and I expect to make up time on the down hills this year.

Post-race report in two weeks. Two goals, sub 1:34 and burn enough calories to guiltlessly dig into a PBOCC post-race.

And yes, if a product tastes this good, advertising is permitted.


Resistence is Futile

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