Tiger in Hiding

I know it’s absolutely none of my business, and I hate to admit it, but I can’t help but follow the Tiger Woods story. Maybe it’s because we’re from the same town and our games are so similar. Or maybe I’m just shallow. Rather than explain what I find most interesting about it, I feel compelled to point out one inexplicably underreported part of the story. Just think what the $164 traffic ticket and 4 points on his FL license are going to do to his auto insurance. If he think his life is stressful now, just wait until the new statement arrives in the mail.

2 thoughts on “Tiger in Hiding

  1. Ron:

    In addition to his, uh, legendary status on da links and celebrity it seems Tiger is also now officially a hypocrite—not that I for one was surprised—and really I say he should wallow as only hippos can in this mud pond of his own making. It seems he’s just as fallible as the rest of us after all.

    People have pointed out he isn’t a politician, that he owes the public nothing in respect to his private life, but in a way this ongoing fascination with his current personal woes has as much to do with the chink we’ve finally found in his armor of calm control as it does with the crumbling of a coiffed image he so carefully put together himself doesn’t it?

    So much for inviting Bill Gates to his wedding, or those “boring” evenings he and his wife spend at home watching a rented movie.

    Note to self: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Damn. Another note to self: Try your darndest best to be something that carries some semblance to the person you really are.

    On a more serious note though: is monogamy a realistic lifestyle for human beings, especially human males? Surely the increasing frequency of broken unions around us contributes just as much as technology and poverty and class differences to the fragmenting of society as a whole? There seems to be an emerging ongoing list of men in the public eye who’ve betrayed their wives.

    I daresay it seems to be happening almost everywhere.

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