I joined the blogosphere in January 2008 and took a hiatus during the spring of 2009. Absent much feedback, I’ve been somewhat fickle with occasional name, formatting, and post schedule changes. And now I’m doing it again by reneging on my recent M-W-F plan. Instead of adhering to a set schedule in twenty ten, I’m going to an inspiration-based schedule.

The top three posts to this point and time: 1) Student-Centered Education Reform; 2) Two Types of Self Esteem; and 3) Why Merit-based Teacher Pay is Not a Good Idea. That suggests Lance is wrong not just about the University of Washington football team’s prospects next fall, but people’s interest in my swimming, cycling, and running as well.

Jeez, could my sista be right, it’s not all about me? Shudder the thought.

Thanks for continuing to read, and in some cases, comment. I appreciate it. I hope you’ll consider passing the link to others and jumping in with a comment sometime in twenty ten in order to generate more positive momentum. Also, I’m curious if there are specific questions, topics, or issues you’d like me to write about in the year ahead.

I hope the new year  starts out especially well for you and yours.


8 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I would like some thoughts on merit pay for teachers that is NOT based on test outcomes. Perhaps on some successful professional growth plan that is mutually argreed upon. Happy New Year.

  2. Like when will teachers learn that their profession is not about the teachers’ professional growth. It is about the education of the students!

    • Dean, Some context for Lance’s comment is in order. He’s outraged Oregon played in the RoseBowl and then spanked the Huskies in bball yesterday. On top of that, he’s gone off the dietary deep-end. Taken together, he’s coming unhinged. Despite his current maladies, nice of him to enlighten us about what professional development is about.

    • It’s going to have nine bedrooms. A different lady friend gets to decorate each one in a reality t.v. show titled “Derek’s Top Decorator”. The winner gets to stay on when the next batch of eight challengers rolls in. Repeat. Makes millions, half for the studio and half for DJ’s mortgage/Ferrari payments.

      Scary how quickly I came up with that. Blaming my daughters.

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