Cutest Kid in Todo El Mundo

Great time last weekend in Frenchtown-Missoula, MT. What an honor to be my nephew’s son’s godparent. The labrador promised to stand guard in my absence. Not just the cutest baby in the world, but the happiest. Smiled at everyone including me when I trashtalked him, “Even I’ve got more hair than you.” Right now he’s on his first cross-country plane trip. If that’s not daunting enough, once he arrives, grandma and great grandma will be fighting over him. I also enjoyed swapping stories with his mom and dad. Here’s some of what I learned. Dad was wild in middle school, high school, and a good part of college. The new Pittsburgh Stealers (2006 Superbowl) tat is nice, excellent coloring, the text could be larger though. There are too many wolves in MT at least from the hunters’ perspective. The speed limit is 75mph in Big Sky Country, but I will drive faster the next time I’m there because people are extremely lax about drunk driving. Coincidentally, the vast majority of medicinal marijuana card holders are 20-24 years old, that is a stressful period with job searches and all. Kid you not, in downtown Missoula at least, out of respect to the transgendered, you’re now free to use the men’s or women’s bathrooms. Downtown Missoula, liberal bastion; the rest of MT, right wing nut jobs; no in between.
The Godson and the Labrador

Post Baptism

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