This Just In

We have a winner of the Byrnes Family 2010 Positive Attitude award. The winner scored high on several criterion including:

• Takes initiative to completes chores and does so with good cheer.

• Never holds a grudge.

• Celebrates every member of the family every day.

• Most upbeat, most consistently.

• Always up for a walk or car trip.

• Most beloved by neighbors.

• Greets every visitor with unbridled enthusiasm.

• Most likely to snuggle with others on the couch while watching t.v.

* While he lost points for sometimes rolling in his own feces, he had enough of a cushion to still win going away.

2 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. As a regular and long-time reader of Positive Momentum I find this perhaps the most “off-point” posting you have ever done-absolutely ridiculous-given the criterion, I suspect I should have been the winner in a landslide. Please recount the votes!

    Love and my best to all,


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