College Tuition Inflation

“Dear Parents” started the letter that arrived today from Eighteen’s college president. “To assist you in your planning, I am writing to provide you with information about fees for the coming year.”


A few short paragraphs in the prez pats himself on the back. “The comprehensive fee increase for the coming year (3.97%) is the second-lowest in a decade.” That makes me feel a lot better, except inflation, in 2010 in the U.S., was 2.3%. Why not just write, “We’ve hosed families worse than this in eight of the previous ten years.”

“In the months ahead,” he added, “we will continue to explore routes to reduce operational expenses while preserving the academic excellence for which Exorbitantly Priced College is justly known.” A promising sentence that deserves another like this, “I will write again during the summer to update you on the outcome of those discussions and exactly how we are going to reduce operational expenses while preserving academic excellence.”

Continue to explore. Classic higher ed speak.

One wonders, when it comes to comprehensive fees at private liberal arts colleges, is there a tipping point?

1 thought on “College Tuition Inflation

  1. A nice reply might be. “Thanks Dean and we at our end will continue to explore whether we want to eat 50% less our go without power for the month in order to continue paying for your academic excellence. We have been selling off most of personal property over the last few months through garage sales to get by but we feel it is just a matter never before that raise comes in on my job where 50% of the staff have been let go already”


    or something along those lines

    I’m off to Austin in about two hours to symbolize my contempt for the pompous asses that sit in the seats of power here in Texas as they reduce educational and social programs to pay for their tax cuts and subsidies to businesses who pay workers less and less.

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