Killer Climbs—The Prelude

Totally whipped after the first two days of the Killer Climbs Eastern Sierra bike trip I’ll be blogging for the next week. And I haven’t even turned the pedals once.

Long, long car trip complicated by our vehicle quitting near the top of Mt. Ashland just south of Ashland, Oregon. There are eleven of us from Olympia on the 20+ person trip. Three of us were in SJ’s SUV, two in a large van with ten bikes, five flew via L.A. and Mammoth, and one drove solo with her bike. SJ, M, and I were saved by Gary, a good friend of S’s from previous trips and an Ashland resident and fellow participant on this trip. At 5pm Wednesday, Gary, after a long day of dentistry, picked us up, fed us, housed us, and then Thursday morning we piled into his Suburban, with two of his Ashland friends. That’s after we hooked up a trailer to the Suburban for our overflowing gear. We’ll pick up our SUV in Ashland on the way home next Friday (crankshaft position sensor).

I’m really looking forward to riding tomorrow after sitting in a car for two solid days. Back is a little iffy as a result of folding into cars and my too heavy duffle, but I should be okay. The three Ashlanders are apparently crazy strong so it will be fun to be pushed. The key for me will easing in. I’ve never rode seven days in a row, let alone serious up hill at crazy elevation.

We have a group meeting tomorrow in Bishop at 8:30a.m. and then drive something like 20 miles to the start of our first ride. I think I can handle 20 miles in the ‘burban, but no more. In other news, there’s a 97% solar eclipse here for seven minutes beginning Sunday at 5:43pm.

Good times.

[I’m having a real hard time uploading pics with my weak hotel wireless signal. I’ll keep trying. Check back.]

Mascot–Now resting quietly at Medford Mercedes dealership

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