Just Enough Media

• Outrage Over Six Month Sentence in Stanford Rape Case

• 50 Are Shot Dead At Gay Nightclub in Florida; Attack Is Worst Mass Shooting In U.S. History

• Donald Trump Slammed For ‘Congrats’ Tweet Following Orlando Massacre

I want to support my GLBQT friends this week by listening and learning, but I wonder, where’s my media exposure point of diminishing returns? When do we cross from informed to unnecessarily solemn, anxious, fearful?

Some error by being woefully uninformed. More error by passively succumbing to media saturation.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, but there are definite costs to our incessant listening, reading, and watching of competing media outlets whose main objectives are not to educate or enlighten, but to keep us coming back in order to maximize advertising revenue.






5 thoughts on “Just Enough Media

  1. Very little needs to be said about such tragedies because they have been played over and over on an almost weekly basis for the last 2-3 years. The actions necessary to help prevent this perhaps bear repeating but they too fall on deaf ears after a while.

  2. The media (television) puts out ‘teasers’ constantly in their reporting—items that tempt us to go back and watch more about the same event. The newscasts are compelling, so we give in and stay glued to the screen during a crisis. Yes, we should be aware. But enough is enough.

  3. Ever since Watergate I have been best informed (even about American politics) by reading the wonderfully thorough German weekly “die Zeit” It is too bad they don’t have an English version.

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