Around the Interwebs

  1. Thanks to tracking devices, race photos, and the internet more generally, there’s a newish phenomenon that suggests mental illness may be contagious. Some people are so aggrieved by recreational runners and triathletes that post fake times by cutting courses, they lose their minds proving their cases. Case in point, apparently, this blog is dedicated to tracking the course cutting of a 5k walker. In related news, I have two weeks to perfect my July 16th half marathon course cutting.
  2. If I can get the Good Wife to slow down on the chocolate chippies, we will be entering the World Wife Carrying Championship in Finland next year. Looks to me like the “leg lock” is faster than the “shoulder ride”. 35E3BEDF00000578-3671604-image-a-90_1467482242015.jpg
  3. US Today’s Paul Newberry doesn’t have a clue. Of Missy Franklin he writes, “At age 21, she’s shaping up as one of the biggest flops of the trials. . . “. Only if you focus exclusively on her times. If you factor in her class and character, Newberry gets it exactly wrong.
  4. Just returned from a wonderful visit to NW Indiana (sissy and brah in lawh) and Chicago (eldest hija). Chicago visit included a private tour of the Newberry Library. Look forward to visiting this library on a future visit.
  5. Great profile of this year’s Tour de France winner.
  6. A man after my own heart.

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