RIO 16—Ignorance Is Bliss

Watching the Olympics is great fun if you can. . .

• block out that NPR report on how violence has spiked in Rio’s favelas since the Games began

• block out how little ordinary Brazilians will benefit from hosting the games

• block out how crazy the idea is that because someone happens to live within the same political borders as a medal winner they feel much better about themself

• record the 100m final and watch it in slow mo

• trust everyone will forget Hope-less Solo’s post game comments

• pretend everyone is succeeding purely based upon intense training, lots of sleep, and fruits and veggies

• block out the inevitable future drug test results and associated medal swapping

• watch a Canadian channel, and see what it’s like to appreciate, not take for granted, athletic excellence (for U.S. readers to get a feel for this, imagine if your state was a country)

• forgive the Canadian swimming analyst for thinking Ryan Lochte was in the lead for 190 meters of the 200IM

• time it so that you’re home alone with the labradude and can freely marvel at the diversity of bodies, like Olga Rypakova’s (6’0″ 137lb triple jumper) and Sarah Robles’s (5’10”, 273lb weightlifter)





2 thoughts on “RIO 16—Ignorance Is Bliss

  1. It was also exasperating listening to commentators gush all over Usain Bolt’s 100m accomplishment. It was indeed a great accomplishment buy it was 5 minutes after the race with soft porn praise and every friggin camera angle shot of the large Jamaican before we learned the times for the 2nd and 3rd place finishers

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