Coaching Excellence Personified

Sid Otton, Tumwater High School, Tumwater, Washington.

49th and final year. 384 wins and counting. 82 more than the second most winning coach in Washington State. More important than the wins, are the lives he has changed by doing it differently than most everyone else.

As Lauren Smith puts it:

“. . . he doesn’t yell, or swear, but consistently works with players on maximizing potential.”

And Paul Alexander:

“He always worked on clarifying just exactly what they needed to do versus what they’d just done — run the play again, let’s keep working on that.”

And Pat Alexander:

“The players’ job is to love each other, and the coaches’ job is to love the players.”

And Matt Hinkle:

“He gives kids a sense of self-worth. He has that ability to pour into you the feeling that you’re the most important piece of what they’re trying to accomplish. And he does that for every kid. There’s tremendous buy-in because of that — you don’t want to disappoint him.”


Photo by Tony Overman.

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