Pendulums Swing

Should have seen this coming, but was lulled asleep by Dan Dan the Transpo Man, and Nate Silver, and other number crunchers who kept telling me everything was going to be okay. I forgot the history, how incredibly rare it is for either party to win three elections in a row. National politics is about pendulum swings. Always has been, always will be. And the President-elect (damn, that was painful to type) vanquished 16 challengers in the primary because he understood how to use the media so much better than them. The refreshing fact that a woman made the finals didn’t compensate for the fact that she represented the status quo when the electorate was clamoring for change.

And now America’s fixation with celebrity has reached it’s vertex. And now my Middle Eastern grad student doesn’t know if her work permit will be renewed, whether she’ll be able to finish her degree, and whether her and her family will be okay. And now my daughters have to wait a little longer to elect a female President*.

And now health care will become more convoluted. And now tariffs on imports will mean the undereducated and underemployed white males who voted for the President-elect will have to pay a lot more for consumer products. And now because of the tough talk traditional alliances will be tested and foreign policy challenges will mount. And now terrorism will continue unabated despite the tough talk.

And now I remind myself of the stoic concept “trichotomy of control”, there are some things over which I have no control, some over which I have some control, and some over which I have complete control.” I will focus on the “some” and especially the “complete”. That’s why I got up this morning and ran in the dark. And that’s why I’m blogging again after too long of a break. And that’s why I’ll eat a healthy dinner tonight and cuddle with the sick labradude.

And I’ll do my small part as a writer, educator, and citizen to hasten the pendulum away from the simplistic, nationalist “America First” mania upon which it’s turned.

* my prediction, within 12 years


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