Martes Links of Note

  1. Cut Millennials some slack. For Millennials It’s Never too Early to Save for Retirement. I’m adding “compound interest” to my list of favorite two-word phrases which includes passive income, complimentary breakfast, and snow day.
  2.  This resonated with me bigly. Stop and Acknowledge How Much Luck Has to Do With Your Success.
  3. Ready to take your Craigslisting to the next level? Here’s the grad seminar. A High-End Kitchen on the Cheap.
  4. Letter of the year so far. Who knows, maybe this will inspire DanDantheTranspoMan to write one or two this calendar year.Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 7.56.46 AM.png

2 thoughts on “Martes Links of Note

  1. I do so love that letter. It was a tough day when I had to explain to my two boys (8 and 10) that I was holding them to higher standards than the standards we apparently expect the president of the United States to abide by. Sigh…

  2. Parents will have to be creative and steadfast in their determination to shield their children from the ugliness of media coverage these next four years. Just being a good parent is demanding enough…now there is something else to do!

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