Exercising Our Freedom Not to Speak

Needing sunshine and ocean views, I watched some of the Andy Williams San Diego Open at Torrey Pines Sunday afternoon. More simply, the San Diego Open. In two weeks, I’ll watch parts of the L.A. Open at Riviera.

Few people fully appreciate the slighted cousin of freedom of speech, freedom not to speak. News flash: we are not required to use the stadium or tournament labeling corporations pay tens of millions for annually. Care to join me in sabotaging the Professional Golf Association’s sponsors and other sports-affiliated corporations investments in branding?

Which brings me to another corporate brand, our Celebrity President who is dominating the news for reasons extremely concerning to anti-fascists worldwide. More important than being liked, or even respected, the Celebrity President craves attention. Good press (Fox News) is better than bad, but bad press is MUCH better than being ignored. As steady consumers of President-centric media, we fuel his mania. The dilemma, of course, is we have to pay attention, because as proven already, he has the power to wreak havoc on civil liberties, economic policy, the environment, and foreign policy, meaning life as we’ve known it.

What to do? Shine the light elsewhere, like on “How US college endowments lost big taking on more risk”? No, we need to shine the light as brightly as possible on his every move, while simultaneously applying our freedom not to speak. . . his name. I hereby propose, that everyone, from hence forward, simply refer to him in writing and in speech as the President. If all of us dissenters assiduously avoid using his last name, eventually, he’s certain to lose his mind at which point he will be declared incompetent, necessitating a return to private life where he can watch all the corporate branded professional golf he wants.*

*while no doubt bemoaning the continuing rise of international players. . . Wang, Rahm, etc.

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