How to Cope

It’s hard living in a dark dystopian novel with no end in sight. Sunday’s New York Times reported Trump’s Travel Ban, Aimed at Terrorists, Has Blocked Doctors. If you’re going to repeal the Affordable Care Act, you don’t really need doctors. One stone, two birds.

Animal stories help. Por exemplar, I accidentally bought a giant pig.

Then there’s this guy who, while on a walk in the snow, took a respite from his gallant fight with cancer to lie down and rub around on top of some other dog’s poop. His way of getting an overdue bath?IMG_0749.JPG

European stories help. Like this one about a clash of cultures in the pool. Imagine the dispatcher, “We have extreme splashing at Gelnhausen, approach with extreme caution, the perp is armed and legged and dangerous!”

Melissa McCarthy helps. A lot.

Hiking helps. And climbing mockumentaries.

If none of that works, find a vid of Chance the Rapper’s Grammy performance.

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