New Course Proposal

For our International Honors program, an alternative general education program. January 2018

Economic Anxiety, Consumer Culture, and the Limits of Materialism

In this course we’ll draw on insights from economists, psychologists, humanists, and political scientists to better understand why economic anxiety is intensifying, how consumer culture reinforces materialistic values, and the negative consequences of both. We’ll also explore case studies of communities and countries that are intentionally pursuing pro-social values as we reassess and refine our preconceived notions about money’s importance. Ultimately, we’ll ask, what is the contrasting impact of materialistic and pro-social values on our fellow citizens, the earth, and ourselves.


3 thoughts on “New Course Proposal

  1. A very timely course, Ron. Materialism is under attack (or at least changing) as Millennials bring their new cooperative values and lesser emphasis on material things into play. Big changes afoot as 3-D printing and the Internet of Things become more publicized and understood. It’s a complex time to be living (and learning!). (I’m attempting an article on my blog about these topics this coming Sunday).

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