One Person Can’t Make a Difference

If you believe that, you haven’t met Angelo Carusone, market force activist.

Carusone explaining his difference making to Eric Lach:

“When you create critical mass, even if other ads are still running, they just won’t pay the same rates. Bill O’Reilly is the Fox News standard-bearer, he’s still their highest rated program, their most valuable asset from an advertising-and-revenue perspective. An advertiser that’s going to stay is not going to pay the same, they’re just not going to do it. At worst, even if Bill O’Reilly stays on the air until he’s ready to leave, his advertising rates will diminish. And the more advertisers that leave, the more that will be affected. It’s market forces.”

When O’Reilly was harassing women at FOX he wasn’t thinking about smart, socially conscious people leveraging social media to shape public opinion. But maybe he should’ve been.

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