My Daily Run in Pictures

Hard to find a better place to run than the Specific Northwest. Moderate temps, beautiful flora and fauna, undulating roads and trails. What more could one want besides more daylight and sunshine in the winter?

There are two types of runners, creatures of habit who run the same out and back every time, and higher life forms, like myself, who know “Diversity is the spice of life”. That said, since the move a year ago, I’ve backslidden a bit in that I do a similar route about half the time. Three miles to Priest Point Park along Boston Harbor Rd. Once there, loop the lower road and head home for 6.2, loop the upper road and head home for 6.4, or like last week, loop the upper road and the 1 mile wooded trail for 7.4. The bike lane on BH Rd is about 8′ wide and I routinely see deer.






Hard to get my stretching in afterwards when the labradude insists on cuddling.


Correction: This should’ve been titled “My Standard Run”. Unlike my brother who has a 1,000+ day running streak going, I’m only running 3x/week. Also, for all the geezer triathlete readers looking for an edge, I’m having skin cancer surgery Friday morn and the doc has banned me from swimming for 3 weeks. But as a former guv of CA once said, “I’ll be back.”

Addendum: There’s nothing worse than just having worked up a lather 2.5 miles in and then having to stop while otters cross the road. Kidding. I haven’t seen an otter in year one. Maybe the sign is just local character.

4 thoughts on “My Daily Run in Pictures

  1. So good to know you can still see otter and deer on your runs (even though the only evidence of the otter is the sign, which you can assume, tells the truth). My running days are over, due to the danger of ruining my knees, which still adequately. I stick to the bike at the gym, which has a view of a park—and I’m happy with that, except for the absence of fresh air and birdsong!

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