Thursday Assorted Links

1. Increasing Salaries So Teachers Don’t Have to Become Principals.

“The effect that a classroom teacher has on a student is second only to a parent,” Campbell says. “And as an administrator, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have that same effect and that’s kind of heartbreaking.”

2. Belated Memorial Day read. From Hawk to a Dove.

After Vietnam, I am unrecognizable from the clean-cut boy the cops always let go before I left. There are the first attacks of malaria my first month home. There’s the pistol stuck to the side of my neck outside a bar one night, and me yelling, “Shoot, motherfucker!”


I’ve felt torn for years about serving in an unpopular war, which the soldiers were blamed for losing. That has shifted into a sense of purpose. There is room for elder warriors like me. We still have a duty, one that goes beyond country. We have a duty to reveal the truth about war, to help younger veterans returning home, and to do what we can to bring about peace.

3. Surabhi Mundada’s Passion for Science.

“It was the most rewarding when I would hear one of the judges say something like, ‘Oh, this could help my husband,’” says Mundada. “Realizing the actual positive impacts that science can have is really incredible.”

4. Speaking of passion. Sex frequency calculator.


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