Friday Assorted Links

1. A preschool in a retirement home. What’s not to like?

2. How much foreign language is being taught in U.S. schools? Data is sparse, but approximately, 1 in 5 students is studying a foreign language, 46% Spanish, 21% French.

3. Rush to college might be a mistake.

“Perhaps the most profound finding to emerge from the survey is that going to college to find yourself has become a luxury many Americans can no longer afford. Instead, those who expressed the least regret were best able to align their education with a career.”

4. 20 most popular running routes in America. Come on America, nuthin’ but shorties. I have run four and walked one. One of the four was where I first started running in my late 20’s. Can you guess? What about best running routes? I nominate the Cowling Arboretum. So good, when you get lost in it, you don’t mind, you just Forest Gump it until eventually returning to civilization.

5. Do you know what the next big thing is? I will end up bloody, but I am in.

6. There’s now a little more gender equity at the Summer Olympics. About time.

7. Woman goes viral for helping blind Cubs fan catch a cab.

8. RichieZ and I are seeking a third in an effort to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Previous experience cleaning glass required. Send resume.

3 thoughts on “Friday Assorted Links

  1. A jam-packed post, Ron! But my favorite is the first one—the Montessori classroom in a retirement home. I love the Montessori method, and applied some of its principles in my own classrooms when I taught. This is a good idea!

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