Lost Baby Pig

Our neighborhood’s electronic bulletin board regularly reminds me that living in the country is different:

Case in point.

“My daughter just lost a baby pig. He’s mostly black, with a pink circle…or maybe diamond, on his nose. We’re between 36th and 46th on Libby Road. He ran through the woods, northbound, but no telling how far he would run. He’s just 7 weeks old, so he’s very afraid (has had nearly no contact with people) and has no survival skills at all. Please let me know if you’ve seen him and we’ll come right out. It would be great if he was cornered.”

A reply:

“Found one little piggy? Don’t think it was going to the market or eating roast beef.”2227d192d5b8bae7d8abf95c2a2c6c96.JPG.115x115.jpg

Then this:

“How in the world did you catch the little guy? They’re so slippery!”

And finally:

“Well my puppy started it all. Then three humans and one senior dog joined the chase. We have a mostly wire fenced yard and so we did a couple rounds. Piggy ran through the electric chicken netting which really torqued him then my partner got him in the salmon fishing net. Three people two dogs one piglet! I wish I would have had the whole thing on video!!”

I wonder, how did the owners know the piggy was “very afraid”? Maybe he had courage to spare, had been feigning dependence, and had been plotting his escape for four or five of his seven weeks. And found the entire attempt exhilarating.

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