Friday Assorted Links

1. 55 year old runner extends streak of sub-5:00 miles to 42 years. Truly remarkable. I watched last years run on vid, his stride is poetry in motion. He’s got the combo, incredibly gifted and a relentless worker. For some reason, my two-year long sub-6:00 streak in the early 90s was less widely reported.

2. The rise of unaffiliated Millennials. Is Cross Fit Millennials new church?

“Churches are just one of many institutional casualties of the internet age in which young people are both more globally connected and more locally isolated than ever before. Against this bleak backdrop, a hopeful landscape is emerging. Millennials are flocking to a host of new organizations that deepen community in ways that are powerful, surprising, and perhaps even religious.”

3. The case against work-life balance.

“I’m urging you, especially at the dawn of your career, to instead choose life over balance, and make the work so meaningful that you wouldn’t want it to exist as a distinct concept.”


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