Friday Assorted Links

1. How to win at retirement savings. A wonderfully lucid resource for U.S. citizens.

2. Why single-payer health care saves money. This has to be the ultimate outcome, doesn’t it?

3. My electric bike is not “cheating”.

“I waved, and then, he was well behind me. I had to be at a meeting in 45 minutes, I didn’t have time to talk bicycle politics with Lycra guy.”

4A. Forest kindergarten—a fresh approach to early education.

“Research suggests that learning to read by the end of kindergarten doesn’t have long-term benefits and that play-based, child-centered preschool programs result in greater academic achievement by the sixth year of school. Studies have also shown that kids who are active perform better in schools.”

“Kids spend most of the day running around, climbing trees, growing and preparing food, having bonfires, picking apples, and other outdoor activities. People in Denmark ‘have a fundamental belief that nature and outdoor life is healthy and good for the children.'”

4B. Philly doctors are now prescribing park visits to city kids.

Known as “nature deficit disorder”

“. . . children are spending far less time in nature than doctors say is needed for healthy development of motor skills, social competence, problem-solving abilities, and even eyesight.”

5. Cliffhangers are ruining the Golden Age of television.

“The very intensity of our immersion allows for anything. A series can be great, but it can also be stupefyingly bad. At some point I stop asking ‘Is it good?’ and instead plead, ‘Is there more?'”

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