Friday Assorted Links

1. The first year of college. “There I was, alone, with all these people around.”

2. Why teachers need their freedom.

“Alice and I decided to take the risk . . . . The mandated curriculum, we decided, would never be enough to encourage our students to love reading and writing.”

“When Alice and I decided to teach outrageously, our attitudes about our work improved, which data suggests improved our students’ attitudes. Teaching outrageously, it seems, also put us at a decreased risk for burnout because it allowed us to take control of our craft.”

3. I’m down with yoga and and I’m down with dogs, but spare me the Doga.

4. A 24 year old woman rode 86,573.2 miles, for an average of 237.19 miles per day for 365 straight days. Mostly on a 7 mile loop in Tampa, FL. Mind numbing.

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