Monday Assorted Links

1. When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy.

Because I know you’re as fascinated by social science politics as I am.

2. What’s So Bad About Ken Burns?

Because I know you’re as fascinated by history politics as I am.

3. New Zealand Government to ban foreigners from buying property.

Shit, that’s what I get for equivocating.

4. Paul Newman’s Rolex . . . fetches $17.8m.

Or about $16.8m more than expected. Great insights on marriage tucked in, including Newman saying a good marriage requires lust, respect, patience, and determination.

5. Teachers’ perceptions can become reality for students.

“Teachers expect 58 percent of white high school students — but just 37 percent of black high school students — to obtain at least a four-year college degree. And when evaluating the same black student, white teachers were 9 percentage points less likely than their black colleagues to expect that student to earn a college degree. This bias was more flagrant for black male students than for black female students.”

6. It’s time to admit that allowing men into the workplace was a mistake.

I like Ruth Graham.

“You might be able to make the case that if we just put strict limits of their leadership opportunities, we could avoid banning them from the workplace entirely. Sadly, however, it has now become clear that many men are not just incompetent but also dangerous. One recent poll found that 30 percent of women have endured unwanted advances from men they work with, with the majority of those women saying those advances rose to the level of sexual harassment.”

Satire people. I think.

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